Pefect Peaks Brews - Black Ale

Perfect Peaks Brews Kicking back after a hard days work with a nice cold brew

Client: Perfect Peaks Brews

Perfect Peaks Brewing is a personal brewing project inspired by the craft brewing movement by creating quality beers for moods and moments. Beer to refresh,recover and reanimate. Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal.


We were involved in the complete rebranding of this brewery's look and feel, soon to be sold in mass quantity over Switzerland, France and Portugal. The new base for this brewery is now in Portugal, Cascais.


The target audience of this beer is for the snow sports fans who after a hard days work can kick back with a cold brew. It will be sold during the winter on all major ski resorts in Switzerland and France. During the summer the beer will be sold in Portugal, Cascais aimed at the surfers and the same goes, kicking back with a cold brew after a long day of hardcore surfing.


  • Project & Client management
  • Creative direction
  • Design & rebranding

Perfect Peaks Brews's Story:

Perfect Peaks Brews is inspired by the craft brewing movement creativity, originality, passion, and quality ingredients making real beer.

However we are not constrained by the need to adhere to defined beer styles. Beer dedicated to ambience and moments in time .. for us those moments bragging and chatting with friends after endurance sports, surfing and skiing or just one of those days ....

A fusion of the modern craft brewing movement motivated by Pacific Coast USA, Australian craft brewing and traditional European beer making. Based near Lisbon on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal where everyday life is a testament to tradition and innovation.


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