Merchant Adventurers' Club

The world's first lifestyle network for ultra-growth business leaders and investors

The Merchant Adventurers' Club is a private members club like no other. Our purpose is to enrich our members in every sense of the word.
The principal benefit of membership is the opportunity to engage with high-profile leaders and carefully vetted senior executives from multiple industries in intimate and off-the-record settings in a series of carefully curated events throughout the year.

Client: Merchant Adventurers' Club

Project Link:


This is an exclusive site so they will only be targeting there current members and only a select few new members as time goes by.


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Grunt, Bourbon + Neat responsive grid, CSS3 transitions, Fully responsive.


The client's brief was that they wanted a site that reflected an upscale and premium look. We used appropriate imagery to portray this as the major reason for it was that it was exclusive to members only.

There is a members only area that contains exclusive information such as video interviews, research, details of upcoming events and lot more.


The word got out very quickly and in the following new members were signing up to receive these privileges.

  • Project & Client management
  • Creative direction
  • UX / Wireframing & A/B testing
  • Site Design & development
  • Deployment to servers
  • Social media branding