Ignite That Spark

Ignite That Spark inspires you to develop your entrepreneurial mindset, live up to your full potential and contribute to make the world a better place. The Ultimate Freedom! To be an entrepreneur is to break free, to live your passion, to be your own boss.

Michel Jordi, serial entrepreneur, is the founder and chairman of a new movement entitled "IGNITE THAT SPARK". To break free, do what we love, and make the world a better place should be our ultimate goal. His daughter Kim is the co-founder and accompanies him to ignite that spark around the world.

Client: Ignite That Spark

Project Link: ignitethatspark.com


Ignite That Spark has a wide demographic of users which is why a lot time was spent in the UX phase to make sure the user journey was straight foward. In the near futue Michel Jordi will be speaking at some of the top univeristy's in Switzerland of which some have pre-orderd his book to be introduced in their curriculums, expanding his audience and reach.


UX, Wireframing, Design and build, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Parallax integration, Video editing, Motion graphic animations, Grunt, Bourbon + Neat responsive grid, CSS3 transitions, Fully responsive and eCommerce integration.


The brief from the client was that they wanted a premium looking site that completely stood out from their competition. There were going to be many parts to the business but putting his new book, Ignite That Spark in prominence was essential which complemented very well the eCommerce side to this build. Each section of the business had to stand alone as if it were it's own page but at the same time keeping in line with the overall look and feel of the branding. It was essential the site delivered the content as if it were a story unfolding as the user scrolled through each section slowly learning about the man behind the brand.

As this was a lengthy one pager site with rich graphics and parallax elements and transitions, load time was of particuliar concern especially for mobile. A lot of testing was carried out to maximise the performance and speed of the site as to not make the user wait too long during the preloading.


We delivered a premium looking and functioning site that is not just an average boring content heavy site that you see around a lot these days. More importantly it didn't look like another Wordpress template. Everything from the design to the build was original and built from the ground up. The brand and company will most likely grow over the next 6 months necessitating new sections and maintenance.

  • Project & Client management
  • Creative direction
  • UX / Wireframing & A/B testing
  • Site Design & development
  • Deployment to servers
  • Social media setup and integration

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