Europe's New Wild

Europe's New Wild, Nature Unleashed

Europe’s New Wild is the epic, panoramic, and inspiring story of nature’s return to a continent. For thousands of years, humans have dominated Europe. Great civilizations have risen and fallen, ancient forests replaced with sprawling cities, and countless wild species driven to remote corners of the continent or even to extinction.

Today, a specialist team of conservation professionals, scientists, and wildlife experts has been assembled, their mission is monumental in its scope and daunting in its scale: to rewild at least one million hectares of European landscape by 2022.

Client: Off the Fence

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Off the Fence Productions is an award-winning producer of factual television and digital cinema content, which is broadcast worldwide.
The company has created almost 400 hours of television content for a wide range of international broadcasters including History Channel, MTV, BBC, Channel 4, MSNBC, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and The Weather Channel. Their films aim to give a fresh perspective and high production values across a range of genres that include: science, history, adventure, human stories, and natural history. The creative team have been recognised by more than 80 awards, including Royal Television Society, Emmy, Golden Panda and Grand Teton.

Off the Fence Productions ranked number 5 in the Top 30 True Indies in the 2014 Broadcast Indie Survey, and took the number 1 position in the top producers of ‘Popular Factual’.


Off the Fence wanted a way to present their latest documentary series in development: 'Europe's New Wild' to raise production-financing for the show. Not only would this be for client presentations, it would also be a way to pass on all relevant information regarding the production of this program to investors via an online solution. This would mean no more lengthy pdf creations for the series and more importantly an easy way to update content that can all be done online in a matter of minutes. Up until the documentary launches the site will only be available to potential investors, thereafter it will act as a supporting site and a way of promoting the documentary online and via social media.

The brief was slick, simple and allowed Slam Dunk Digital to create an easy to navigate informational microsite showing off some of the gorgeous shots taken by the film crew.


When the site launches it will only be viewable by potential investors that Off the Fence choose to share it with. Once the documentary launches it will become public and act as a supporting site and a way for followers to find out the latest news and info about the show.


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Grunt, Wordpress, Bourbon + Neat responsive grid, CSS3 transitions, Fully responsive.


The site is fully responsive allowing viewers to browse the site's content on all types of devices (Desktop/Mobile phone/Tablet). We expect to be doing many more of these supporting sites for Off the Fence in the upcoming future.

  • Project & Client management
  • Creative direction
  • UX / Wireframing & A/B testing
  • Site Design & development
  • Deployment to servers
  • Social media branding

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